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The Original Shopper of the Cass River Valley - Established 1967
Serving Vassar, Frankenmuth, Caro, Reese, Millington, Fostoria, Silverwood, Millington, Mayville, Birch Run, parts of Saginaw, Bridgeport and Gilford


Bilbey Publications, LLC produces, prints and delivers
several free publications in Michigan.

Cass River Trader

Established in 1967, the "Trader" is the original shopper of the Cass River Valley. It is delivered for free to nearly every resident in Vassar, Millington, Frankenmuth, Reese, Caro, Mayville, Silverwood, Fostoria, Birch Run and other area towns.





Hours of Operation

8AM-4PM Monday-Thursday

Closed Friday-Sunday

Real Estate Digest

The "Digest" was established in 1994. We currently produce a monthly edition covering all of Northern Lower Michigan and a bi-weekly ediition covering all of Genesee County.