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  • Professional Designers Our design team excells.

    If you regularly read the "Trader", you likely notice the ad design and layout is superior to most publications. We pride ourselves on few mistakes and eye catching designs.

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  • Print & Online We give you both

    The Cass River Trader is distributed every Monday in print and online. Our website comes complete with digital page flip editions and searchable database of classifieds and display ads.

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  • 100% Carrier Delivered

    Our delivery routes are managed by our distribution department to ensure accurate coverage and less waste. Our print numbers are not inflated to include homes who do not read the paper or who leave town during the winter.

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  • CVC Audited Let our nationally ranked readership statistics work for you!

    Review our CVC statistics and find that we have more readers, more results and better market saturation compared to all other local publications

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  • Readership We have more readers, period.

    Do not allow other papers to boast without backing it up. Saying you have the "best" paper is useless if you don't back it up! We can and we will....

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We average 32,500 readers each and every week. Of those readers, 76% of them frequently purchase products from the Cass River Trader. We have 24,700 active buyers every week of the year! We also have one of the lowest advertising rates in the entire state of Michigan. Do not be fooled, let the results determine who offers the most bang for your buck.